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Buy Scissor Jack Online

Scissor jacks are cheap yet quite convenient vehicle tools in case of a car breakdown. They are ideal to be used for roadside repair or inspection of the vehicle. It is a manually operated automobile tool having the capacity to generate large force amplification. The two-piece mechanism of the scissor jacks not just helps to lift up vehicle but to keep it in place with the help of resistive force of the screw.

Titan Tool is a premium seller of scissor jacks and scissor jack handles for 1 and 2 Ton vehicles. The Allen key-shaped metal arm ensures easy usage of the scissor jack and helps to bring the car back to the ground. You can shop for a scissor jack with or without handle as per your requirements. To keep your scissor jack safe and secure from external agents such as dust and moisture, we even provide complementary bags with the product for better storage.

Scissor jacks are light-weight and hassle-free lifting tools for vehicles. Moreover, they are cheaper options as compared to other vehicle lifting tools and are compact enough to fit in your car’ trunk.

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